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Primary Care in Orlando FL.

Did you know that there are more than 720,000 heart attacks among Americans every year? This alarming number, as well as the fact that the common American diet is getting worse by the generation, is evidence that nationwide heart trouble is still an issue that must be beat.

But at Southcoast Cardiology and Primary Care, the cardiologists on site understand that, to act as vessels for a healthier America, pumping out the best health answers to all their patients often begins with primary care. Primary care services include:

  • routine physical examinations
  • well visit examinations
  • medicare annual wellness
  • gynecological examinations
  • flu and pneumonia vaccinations
  • Take a quick look at what each one entails below:

Routine Physical Examinations

Routine physicals help ensure that you physically look OK to your doctor. They typically don't take much time out of your day, assuming you're healthy. Physicals can feel uncomfortable to patients who don't like being touched, though it's a necessary part of ensuring they're as healthy as they may think. Patients should have a physical at least once yearly, so they can express any health concerns they may have with their primary care physician so that he or she may construct a treatment plan for their situation.

Well Visit Examinations

Not unlike a routine physical in that the goal is to "check-up" on your health, well visits differ because the attending care physician won't need to invade your personal privacy. Well visits rarely require you to remove your clothing, and typically take very little time out of your day as you discuss with your doctor any questions or concerns you may have about your health going forward.

Medicare Annual Wellness

After patients' height, weight, and blood pressure are measured, their care physicians will listen to their heart. Then, a discussion about the patient's medical and family history and potential risk factors he/she may have for certain health conditions ensues.

Basically, Medicare annual wellness visits offer an overview of the patient's current health to the attending physician, serving as a preventive measure that can potentially uncover looming health problems before they get out-of-hand.

Gynecological Examinations

Women should visit a gynecologist annually in order to maintain optimal reproductive and sexual health. During a typical gynecological exam, women will be asked about their recent sexual history as well as their menstrual cycles. Also, their breasts and genitals will need to be physically examined; though uncomfortable for some women, these examinations should not be avoided because they're critical to lasting reproductive health. Plus, they could uncover otherwise-unknown but serious sexual issues.

Flu And Pneumonia Vaccinations

With the flu season just behind us, that doesn't mean it's time to relax-- getting vaccinations now can save you from a lot of pain later. They are quick and easy, and much better than catching something!

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